Blackmagic ATEM 1 M/E


Featuring 8 total inputs, the Blackmagic ATEM provides a powerful video switching and graphics solution. The entire switcher fits in a standard 2U equipment rack, allowing the system to be set up in any trailer or backstage area. Low power consumption and solid state design make the ATEM a reliable, capable and efficient video switcher.

Blackmagic ATEM 1 M/E video switcher

Technical Specifications

Supported HD formats 720p/59.94 fps, 1080i/29.97 fps
Available inputs 4 HD-SDI, 4 HDMI
One input switchable to NTSC
Available outputs HDMI, HD-SDI program
3 HD-SDI auxiliary outputs
SD-SDI, NTSC & component program
Multiview Monitor 8 inputs simultaneously
HD-SDI and HDMI outputs
Graphics capabilities 32 page still store (.JPG, .PNG files)
2 media player outputs
2 transition effects (180 frames/1080i, 360 frames/720p)
Keyers 4 upstream, 2 downstream
Chroma, luma, fill/matte capabilities
DVE Fully keyable single channel, 2D animation capabilities