Broadcast Graphics


Implementing a live graphics package can be a challenging task. Offline creative tools (like After Effects) can make great-looking graphics, but those tools can’t support the dynamic workflow of live production. We can implement complete graphics packages into the popular live graphics platforms used by trucks and studios.


Ross XPression playout software
A complete live graphics platform including 2D & 3D space, data interfacing, layered outputs, and an intuitive playback sequencer. We can take your elements from Creative Suite and, using the XPression Designer software, create a dynamic graphics disk that is ready to go live.


Chyron Lyric broadcast graphics software
One of the most widely-used live graphics platforms, this software works in 2D space to quickly merge pre-rendered elements with dynamic images and content. Reliable and fast, we can create complete Chyron looks for all productions.


Develop custom, purpose-built user interfaces for game shows, live sports and other applications using the Microsoft .NET framework.
Microsoft .NET Framework